I plan to add videos showing the use of puppets in various situations.

Puppetwoman at St Philip's College, San Antonio
This youtube video was filmed during a class showing puppets being used as a communication tool.

A Flower Power Mystery
Adapted from an original play by Jo Rigarsford & Roger Harington for Christian Aid. Featuring the inequity of trade for many in the world.

Square One
A "Hey Jesus, Yes Peter" story by John Bell and Graham Maule about trust and God's provision.

Collects from the Creatures
Collects from some of the animals about their hopes after COVID 19

In God's Image
Adapted from a story by John Bell and Graham Maule from "Off the record conversations Jesus and Peter. Published by Wild Goose Publications, Iona Community.

The ODC's New Clothes
The Ordinary Decent Citizen's New Clothes

The Can of Worms
The Can of Worms story told in the context of racism.

Walking on Water
Based on a dialogue written by Kathy Galloway, Iona Community